Welcome to China Social Commerce Group

China Social Commerce Group is a unique online service that enables leading foreign consumer goods companies to discreetly market their product lines in China!

China Social Commerce Group and its affiliate network provide a safe and reliable environment for consumers to buy foreign authentic merchandise and have it delivered to them rapidly anywhere in China.

China Social Commerce Group links consumers, CSR projects, Charities and Philanthropies in promoting social causes that benefits the Chinese people throughout China

About China CSC Group

The Challenge

Foreign high end brands find it hard to reach Chinese consumers everywhere in china, especially beyond first tier cities. There are wealthy people all over China beyond first and second tier cities, most of which are under served. There are few reliable and ubiquitous Direct to Consumer (DTC) distribution channels...

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The Opportunity

The China Social Commerce Group is forming a unique social commerce platform that enables leading foreign consumer goods companies to discreetly market their product lines in China, while benefiting charities and corporate CSRs and without having to esthablish numerous legal entities througout the country...

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How Does It Work?

Sponsors use the China Social Commerce Group to send invitations to their mailing list. When a purchase is made, a cash rebate is sent to the purchaser and a commission is paid to their sponsor and or a chairty choosen by the sponsor. Large sponsors recieve equity awards which are ownership stakes in CCSR Net...

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Strategic Benefits of the Network

  • Anyone can join
  • Anyone can sponsor
  • No limit on cash rebates
  • No limit on commissions
  • Large sponsors recieve equity
  • 100% transparent platform

Strategic Benefits for High End Brands

  • Anyone Can Buy Anywhere in China
  • Every Customer Can Recieve A Cash Rebate
  • Improved Brand Awareness And Customer Loyalty
  • Continuous Exposure and Buzz
  • Ability To Sell Anywhere in China
  • Lower Distrubtion Costs