About China SC Group

How Does It Work?

An Example

  1. A company or a sponsor uses CSCG platform to send invitations to their mailing list to visit a special website set up for each brand.
  2. The company offers the product at a discount (percent will vary from case to case) to its lowest published price. For example, as a credit against future purchases or cash rebate which is sent to the customer in less than 60 days.
  3. The site pays the sponsor or a designated charity an additional cash rebate (percent will vary from case to case) (in less than 60 days) on every purchase made by anyone who joins for as long they make purchases from the site. There is no limit on the number of people that can be sponsored, the cumulative discounts they receive and the bonus provided to the sponsor.
  4. Anyone may sponsor people and benefit from this arrangement and there is no limit on the amount or duration in which the sponsor can get paid with one exception that one consumer email I.D. Can be sponsored only by the first individual and entity to sponsor them. The benefits are not limited to a single brand but the amount of the discount and contribution can vary by brand.
  5. Anyone can join CSCG and designate a charity, entity or person of their choice. You can simply sponsor anyone and this arrangement extends to all product hosted by CSCG websites. Once a person sponsors someone, they receive a rebate regardless of which product they buy and when.

The focus is on product and services that do not require local support; and support can be handled by call centers and over the web. Relationship and contributions are handled by CSCG while specific product lines by their respective companies. Support and customer service will be handled over the web or via call centers with returns being dispatched via couriers such EMS.

An independent CSCG audit board comprised of CSR and Philanthropy Executives will ultimately ensure the integrity of CSCG. The Board will publish an Annual Report stating the amounts in aggregate granted to each public entity.